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We offer a full package of business services to make it possible for our clients to focus on their core business. You are welcome to use all of our services or just start with one consultation.


Consultations, assistance during SRS audit, international tax and many more tax-related services


Organizing spotless and cost-effective accounting for entities and private individuals


Statutory audit services based on Latvian GAAP and IFRS. We conduct great audits for great companies


Independent third-party investigation on vendor's business and accounting


Value-added tax agent services. If you need a VAT number, we can help you right away


We know how to do local and international networking, find partners, how to enter and exit a deal

you must be thinking

Why us?


We are and always have been predictable. Timing is crucial and we know it! Our clients know what to expect from us and they do come back for that reason.

No hidden fees

We do what we are asked for on pre-agreed price. There won’t be any last-minute surprises or unexpected invoices.


The industry is changing all the time, so it is important to have up-to-date partners. We know all of the new and old combined.


Our great team consists of audit, tax and accounting professionals.  

Ieva Lagzdiņa

tax partner

Certified Tax Consultant with 18+ years of experience in tax, audit and consulting. Ieva has a massive network across many industries. Her focus is always on the client. Ieva has been leading strong teams in a variety of complicated restructuring, tax relief, and many other projects.

Pauls Bite

Pauls Bite

Audit Partner

Certified Auditor with BIG4 experience. Pauls’ portfolio has included multiple groups with revenues exceeding 200M+ EUR. He has overseen complicated consolidations including 20+ companies. Regardless of how big or small is the company, Pauls will bring value to the company from any audit performed.


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